Facebook Poker Chips Hack

Hack Facebook Poker

The facebook poker game has become very popular and is played by a number of people across the world. This popularity has also invited a lot of hackers who are there to hack your account and make a fool of you and steal all your facebook poker chips. One should be aware of such people. These days you come across many ways, which will promise you to earn some poker chips. But are these ways legal or to be trusted? Do they give you free facebook poker chips? The answer is no. There are many ways to fool people by these attracting offers. These are some ways, which one should be aware of so that risk of losing information or chips can be avoided.

Many threads are there on facebook, which say that they can lead you to earn chips. One should stay away from these threads, as they are nothing but ways to fool people and hack their accounts by getting their passwords and steal their chips, they will lead you to phishing sites that will promise bonus in chips, double your stack, all of them will end up doing a facebook poker hack against you.

You may also receive many friend requests from beautiful girls but you should avoid accepting unknown friend requests as accepting these requests can also lead you to lose your account or chips exposing personal data which they can use for reverse engineering to obtain your password. There will be many weird links coming up enticing you to click on that. Just resist this as these are fake ones and on doing so your account will be hacked. Here are a lot of people ready to do facebook poker hack to your account.

Many duplicate websites are there which look same as facebook in appearance but they aren’t facebook. These websites will take your passwords and use it in wrong ways. They can treat your account as they want after getting your facebook password. Many people on facebook will offer you their chips at lower rates than the application but they can also cheat you and you may end up losing your chips for facebook.

You may find posts on facebook, which provide link so that poker chips can be earned freely. This is one of the easiest ways to fool people and there are no such ways to earn poker chips. Some other methods may ask you to give your login id and password and any fool can also understand that these is some scam and not a real thing. One should be very careful while playing online poker and should avoid your account from felling into a facebook poker hack.

While playing Facebook poker is generally a harmless act, it’s important to watch out for the ways that people have found that allows them to hack Facebook poker. Certainly players familiar to online poker games will have the patience and know-how to create a Facebook poker bot to automatically bet and win chips for them with an intelligent logic. The bot works by responding to a set number of variables involving the cards they have, the bets that other players make, and how much of their chip stack is left. It is thus extremely hard for a person of even great programming ability to find a bot to facebook poker hack that works reliably well enough to leave up and running at the end of the day (to gain automatic chips while they sleep).

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